We are a group of individuals in America who promote thoughtful and intelligent exchanges of ideas. Our organization was started more than two decades ago by students and professionals who share a simple, but powerful idea: to provide an open forum for intelligent discussions regarding current issues in technology, economy, and social welfare.


Our forums are held biannually across the United States. Since then, host locations have expanded from six cities to twenty major population centers in the United States and in Canada. In addition to our bi-annual symposiums, we have hosted seminars participated by leading business figures and cabinet ministers. Topics for the symposium are solicited from our members and are reflective of current issues that are relevant to our daily lives.


The term “Intellectual” in our name does not infer the prerequisite of having academic credentials; rather, it means that our members are thoughtful individuals concerned with improving their knowledge and having intelligent exchanges of ideas with other members and the greater community, regardless of creed or politics. We also promote inter-faith communication with other organizations.


We are part of a greater network of the larger ICMI organization, which also have chapters in Europe and Australia.


We embrace diversity and thoughtful exchanges of ideas. We look forward to your participation.