Islamic Studies Intensive Training

LKII (Islamic Studies Intensive Training) is an annual program of Indonesian Muslim community in North America that aims as a means of building character. It was first started in 1994 under the name Islamic Leadership Training Management, where Mr. Abdulrahim Imaduddin acted as instructor. This program was born of cooperation between ICMI, ISNET, PERMIAS, and study groups in North America.


1. To improve the understanding of the content of Al-Qur’an so that every member of the Indonesian Muslim community in North America can apply the values within it in their everyday life; also to strengthen Rasulullah SAW position as an exemplary or role model in living an Islamic way of life.

2. To spread knowledge related to various issues, to build leadership, and the ability to manage daily life obstacles – faced by every member of the Indonesian Muslim community in North America – by referencing to Al-Qur’an.

3. To increase the awareness that each and every one of us, members of the community as a whole, are ambassadors for Islam and for Indonesia, thus are to be acted as one(s) who can give positive contributions for American and Indonesian communities, by implementing the morals of the Al-Qur’an.

As an annual program, LKII have always had warm welcome from the community, and it continuously strive in the North American regions. Every year, LKII serves up to eighteen cities total in the USA and Canada, and it regularly hosted by two guest speakers who are flown directly from Indonesia.