ICMI NA Calling for Papers

ICMI NA Calling for Papers.

Calling all writers and soon-to-be-writers to submit original paper (article) to be published in our website.


We are especially eager to read your original articles on:

Dakwah, Tech, Health, Business, Finance, Education, Lifestyle/Interest.


How To Write and Submit it:


  1. Sign up at our website. Everyone who has created an account at our website may submit their hard work to be reviewed by every related division (based on the content of the topic submitted).


  1. Be original.

We want our website to be a resource for great, original articles. So please post your own original hard work. Yes, there are almost no 100% original thoughts (unless you invent a new theory, of course). What we are saying here is: You can have the inspiration and ideas out of some else’s works or articles that have been published elsewhere, but you have to use your own words in writing the article. Write it through YOUR own understanding and perspective.


  1. Avoid copy-pasting other people’s work as it may be seen as plagiarism.

Digest & understand the topics, then use your own words in the sentences and in composing the article. Do it as much as possible, unless you are communicating an ayat & hadits.

  1. Minimum of 300 sentences (preferably), and write your name at the end of the article.

We prefer your writings to be easily find through the search engines, that’s why we need to comply to SEO standard which is a minimum of 300 sentences. It may sound like a lot of sentences, but you’ll get there! 😉 We also want people to acknowledge your hard work. So go on, include your name there.


  1. Include your resources & links to their webpage (if any) at the end of each article. We want people to know that your writing is supported by legitimate sources. Please let them know which books and websites were referenced for your articles.

6. Submissions (articles) about events:

  • Submissions about coming events organized by ICMI are highly encouraged.
  • Submissions about coming events organized by other organizations are also highly encouraged.


  1. You are welcome to submit photos that you own, or ones you have the license or permission to use – that are related to the topics you submitted.


  1. You are welcome to embed media (images, charts, videos, etc) that you own, or ones you have the license or permission to use – that are related to the topics you submitted.


  1. Some websites, like YouTube, allow anyone to embed or linked their images or videos to be post on other websites. This is normally fine to be embedded into your post.


  1. Please, always put credits to images or videos that you embedded when required by the author or license owners.


11. ICMI NA will carefully review all submitted articles according to our guidelines. Select articles will be published.



***Notes For All Divisions:


  1. Prior to submitting to Divisi Teknologi dan Informasi, each Division is responsible for selecting and reviewing Draft Content and sources of the articles according to this guideline.


  1. After articles are ready for publishing, each Division shall select “Pending Review” and “Update” button on the right hand side of the website.


  1. Divisi Teknologi dan Informasi will complete Final editorial & image checks. All submissions (including all photos and articles) may be modified when deemed necessary.


  1. Articles will be published after Divisi Teknologi dan Informasi have completed all edits.


  1. Divisi Teknologi dan Informasi may solicit The President’s comments prior to publications when necessary.





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